Friday, September 4, 2009

What Went Wrong ??????

No ! I am not discussing my career .Ever since I have given up hope I feel much better in that area.I am introspecting my big time failure to click amongst the opp sex in school..I can go one step ahead and confidently say “WE” here since my dear friend Vishal equally struggled with me and there was a healthy competition amongst us as to who would be the better struggler……..

“First impression is the last impression” I had serious doubts about this phrase after seeing the dismal failure of Vishal who without any second thoughts and you would all unanimously agree is the better looker.I had some genuine reasons to be a failure in this area so no complains but looking at Vishal I wondered how this better looking gentleman could also fail……….

So looks apart we move on to the other areas which were possible reasons for my poor show.Some of the few which are prominent and cannot be ignored are

1>Never been Flamboyant( elocution competition main part lena, )

2>Never been in the good books of teachers.

3>Never became the Monitor of the class (It’s a seriously competitive post with lot of corruption) Forget becoming a Prefect (Can be defined as gentleman for whome everything is supposedly a cake walk)

4>Been part of a eccentric group where each one was in neck throat competition to prove who was the naughtiest amongst all

5>To a major extent my dressing style I was not very sure till the end of the battle as to which combo would look great.

6>My hair style was the biggest failures of all and I was even addressed once by a respectable sir as “GUFFA” not his fault since my style surely resembled an endless tunnel ahead…………………

You would say if someone can so precisely detail the causes of the failure why wouldn’t he try to get things corrected in the first place but our forefathers rightly said “Har cheez ka ek time hota hain”

The ball is no longer in our court today.Vishal has officially accepted the lost battle status and is happily married.Offlate even I cannot boast of any major tunround and have convinced myself the battle is lost and am heading towards getting it official……………….

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