Thursday, September 17, 2009


                                 STATUTORY WARNING..........
 This post  has no resemblance to any person living or dead.Please do not follow or imitate what is being mentioned here.The outcomes may be hazardous and the author should not be held responsible for it....

For some reason my interactions with Goverment officials have never been forthcoming.It may be quite possible that the fault lies at my end since I am always mentally prepared to start an altercation with them at the slightest chance.My experience with these guys over the years  have brought  me to the conclusion that they have some unique qualities in them which can irritate even the most peace loving person on earth.......

So you have decided  today you are going to a Goverment office for some unfortunate work.I would like to call it unfortunate since it is mandatory that  your  peace and harmony in life is going  for a toss.As per the IST of govt offices when the sun is over your head you land up  at the office well dressed with some apprehensive thoughts at the remote corner of your mind about the outcome of the event though you still like to be optimistic.Assuming you are going to the office for the first time the first task at your hand is to ensure you are at the correct department and dealing with the correct person.Not easy since  government offices mostly resemble an alien planet where nobody is even bothered about your existence.

Considering that you are the biggest believer of optimism you manage to overcome all the hurdles not cursing the system even once and finally land up at the concerned persons office.Now as per the protocol the person is yet to come  so you manage a seat next to the office and see some helpless faces who have already occupied the seat.Due to your friendly nature you wish them and  they respond half heartedly.

Possible cause for this lack of interest being its your first day and these people are already a  part of the viscous cycle

"Udya ya!" Parva Ya""Saha mahinya nantar ya"

So after some anxious moments where you are fluctuating between pessimism and optimism the gentleman finally arrives.Optimism wins the  battle this time and you are pumped up.The officer gets in and immediately calls the office boy.Office boy has a flask in his hand and rushes as if there is an emergency.Nothing to worry the guy is not sufferring fom an heart attack  its "TEA TIME"

With the recreations over the officer is ready for the day and your half day is over.So finally your turn comes and you are surprised the way he cleared the queue.You are very sure about  his effeciency and get in to the the cabin.You present the matter to him and the guy listens to you with keen interest and finally  you end your power point presentation. By this time the guy has already loaded the template in his mind and shoots at you "Saheb"! ek kaam kara tumhi udya ya!

Kudos to you! You are now a  part of the VISCOUS CYCLE.........

Some tips which may prove effective while dealing with government work

1>Take a few days leave in advance.

2>Put off all your egos.

3>Do not look for any logic and go with the flow.

4>Ensure that you have some anti-depressants ready at your disposal.

5>Start your work on an auspicious day since divine intervention can only save the day for you.


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