Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Satish the intelligent dud(e)

Back to original ways! San Satish is another dear and a common friend of ours. A straight forward guy with a no non-sense approach in life, his surname is more complicated than his nature. He is among the few guys who emante positive energy and usually after a chat with Satty means you are refreshed positively (with Ranjit its the opposite). Currently on an assignment in Japan, he is dying to get back to his motherland, if the
countdown on the social networking site is to be believed. Proactiveness comes naturally to him, and he always buzzes with new ideas and worms (kidas). An avid back bencher, he still was attentive and had the guts to answer questions asked by our scary teachers (read the Teachers article). We wasted (or was it investement?) a lot time during our junior college days playing amatuer rugby (with a coconut shell), cricket, aba dhobi and what not. By doing that we often struggled with our marksheets and this guy would come to us with a cunning smile and an excellent score card, leaving us with confused thoughts about his brillaince. He was the leader of the pack and we were often the side heroes dancing in the background (ranjit danced in the second last row and was rarely seen or recognised). We celebrated new year eves a couple of times but one of them is etched in our memory forever. After some great food and some drinks (read coke), we decided to spend rest of the time in a small park discussing new year resolutions. It was a chilling night below 0 degrees. I guess we excused Satty for a hour or so. I only had the dreadful company of Ranjit. We kept dicussing everything on earth on how to become a millionaire, how to excercise this year(both pysical and mental) , how to participate in social events (Ranjit was a die hard fan of Paris Hilton then) little realising that neither of us were interested in the talks and kept encouraging each other by muttering Barobar ahe Barobar ahe just to keep the midnight oil burning...later realising after a couple of hours that Satty was not joining the party. I suffered from flu like symptoms the next day from the coldest sleepless night of my life and all my new years resolutions went for a toss from the very next day. I did not ask Ranjit about his either, as I was confident about it. What a way to start a new year! All thanks to Satty...

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  1. lol,gud 1
    if i remember correctly, it was my brothers marriage the day after new year :)
    but still, sorry guys !


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