Sunday, September 13, 2009

Serial Killers...

No, this is not a biography of any serial killer, but a few thoughts on soaps as they are called in the television industry. Soaps are like cancer. They kill you slowly but surely. Though they wont hurt you physically but they murder your mentality for sure. And thats why, the title sits there comfortably.

Hey, I am not going you to bore you like Ranjit's posts. So stay tuned yet. To write this I should have been an avid watcher of the serials in the first place .But offlate, I have realised that you dont have to be any of these. Even if you are a part of the never-ending serials at a frequency of say once very 2 months, you can easily get connected to the story and it's characters, like you are a part of their daily household cores. Not to forget the sub-consious mind picks up even when you are not attentive. Thats the best and the only part, I like about serials.

I being a Maharastrian Marathi-Manus (remember the Puran-Poli from the URL ?), the prime time forceful watch on the idiot box is usually a nerve wracking affair. It starts with a soap called "Kalat,Nakalat" which if translated literally would sound like "Known,Unknown". Holy "unknown" heavens! the protagonist is at the never ending woes in life. One tragedy after other and yet this lady is all decked-up happily in a designer wear with a baby like smile to charm the viewers. It is hard to understand how after a being a widow, she falls in love, not once but twice, with a company of a cruel mother-in-law and an unfaithful handsome husband, a tragic murder of her mother, a failed marriage of her real sister who battles for her stolen baby and non-stop on-off current relationship(s), a drug addicted brother(phew! and wait there is much much more) .How can somebody have such a tragic life really defies logic. Its hard to understand the intention behind the plots. Are they promoting the steely desire of the young lady, or are the plots of the villains that are to be promoted?

And then there "was" (thank-god) a serial called Asambhav which means "impossible". Like its title, it is near impossible to understand, the black magic powers of Sopan Kaka and the fleet. Not a ounce of common sense and yet the popularity and the TRP of "asambhav" was impossibly amazing. Educated-Uneducated,Literate-Illieterate, Young-Old, all watched this with equal fanfare. And then the newer ones are neither inspiring. Atleast, the older ones would start with a happiness, tragic in-betweens and a decent ending, the newer one called "Anubandh" started off with a tragedy and it seems and I bet, there wont be a happy moment in the fictious cursed family. A sensitive subject like surrogacy is handled so animatedly that the real surrogate mothers would go in grief forever watching this. Not sure who the real audience is for the subject. Both the soaps are produced none other than the talented Pallavi Joshi who anchors a musical show with lots of elegance and yet when it comes to production, she choose something so silly. Nevertheless, those are still ok, but there is another one called "Kunku" whose title song and promos gives the feeling the adolosent lady is born for only one reason, "marriage". I havent dared watch it yet and I am sure I wont indulge in it either.The only soothing part about all these is the title tracks are fantastic and you can easily end up humming with a lot of sincerity.

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