Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunil the Rebel

This is Vishal again and I have the privilege of introducing Sunil the Surse. Sunil Surse, is one of the other wave length friend of ours (Ranjit included). Because of our matching wave-lengths, we often resonate in harmony. Sunil often defies logic and gravity. His fundamentals are screwed up to be frank. He is horribly moody and it can take you a decade to understand those mood swings. A avid reader of Marathi literature, he is a classic example of how one should NOT choose a field of someone
else's choice. He would very well have been the next PU-LA, but destiny as they say was already written. Having said that, we were partners in crime in most of the many occasions. He was also my bench mate and a very good friend then. All of us had a common weakness. We were extraordinarily poor in Maths. I guess that gelled us more than anything. We had failed miserably with Maths. Our Geometric understanding of the acute angle would put to shame even the worst. We were worst among the worst and when we say that there is a certain amount of pride in it. Ranjit to continue further on

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