Thursday, August 20, 2009


Cross introductions : Ah! that's a new term. This is me Vishal and it is once in a century opportunity to introduce, my friend Ranjit aka Malla aka Bhatalya aka Gufa aka......... to the blog savvy community on earth. We have known each other since we were introduced to the dreadful world of education and have been in touch surprisingly on almost once a year basis. Na, we hate calling each other best friends or something. We think it’s too girly to call that and too stressful to be polite, helpful and many more things which comes as a package of being best-friends (How come I forgot the mention the responsibilities of remembering Birthdays). At best we think we are at a similar wavelengths and that’s about it. You can call us wavelength friends. Nothing more, nothing less. We enjoy taking a dig at each other, and however sadist it may sound, we enjoy doing it and usually don’t limit it to each other. Our conversations, we feel are funny (I have a truck load of IM conversations which if posted should supposedly create havoc) and that is what the theme of this scribble (and many more to come hopefully). Oops, I forgot the introduction. May be in the next blog. Sorry dude, it too boring to describe you. May be I will do that tomorrow with a picture. Cheers

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  1. hey, im 28 and have every right to vote, so pls add the VOTE button again. I promise i wont click on 'hopeless'


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