Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blogging, but why?

Where there is a "will”, there is a loads of money and property for sure.

Since we have stabilized with some blogs now I thought of letting you guys know the motive behind the blog. The motive is simple. To let people know our thoughts and earn a buck or two in return. No we dont charge  people for visiting the blogs. So don’t panic yet! Neither is your visit being tracked or recorded. You may visit at your will and comment at a whim. The idea here is to portray characters, situations and quote the unquotable. The point is, we often think of doing numerous things, but often end up by being non-proactive and that way we continue to live in our comfort zone, in a shell, a subdued shell to be accurate. So we decided to break the routine, go one step ahead and pen our words (type actually) and let people know of our existence and inshalla (god willing) we started off. How long it goes really depends on how motivated we  would be in the near future. Hope this is not a flash in the pan. I often wonder though, why would people visit the blog. Neither are we a personality like BIG B, whose sneeze becomes a national breaking news nor we have someone like Aishwarya, whose illness we could report to .On the flip side, that is what spurred us more than anything. So stay tuned and don’t laugh if we fail miserably. Our writing is going to be simple with a  promise that there would be no machoism of words.. No themes, but whatever comes to the mind, be it making a receipe. So whats the deal with visiting the blog. The green links which you so prominently see are for you guys. So go and find whats hidden behind that note, its me Vishal signing off (wow! i could become a BJ). Cheers!

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