Thursday, August 20, 2009

Introduction- Ranjit the phenomena

Ranjit is a phenomenon. He is hardworking, sincere, sharp and a useless bloke. He is a good observant. He can be easily spotted in the evening with a bus conductor of a local bus. No, it’s not a peaceful event, but usually a neck holding affair. He has a knack of irritating the bus conductors and then jumping on them at the first possible opportunity. Yeah, what a quality! I have seen him growing up (5 feet something) literally and often shared bench in our school days. He has an amazing comic timing, but not great sense of occasion. He could crack up at the least wanted locations and this has costed me getting bashed up from many of our school teachers on numerous occasions. From a B-Pharmist to a Network Engineer to an Ayurveda consultant, his knowledge on either of these is not exactly exemplary, but tolerable. He is one of the guys you could rely on during free office hours to chat with and get entertained at the same time. Both of us have big dreams. We often think of getting in to ventures and end up flat within a week or two. When we meet each other, we often end up with the stress of who pays the hotel bills rather than getting in to who is doing what and usually end up agreeing for a TTMM settlement (even today). Ranjit’s hobbies include reading books, surfing net, jogging and irritating people. He takes life as it and rarely bothered about future. Both of us were back-bencher's at school and rarely participated in curricular activities (forget extra curricular). Plenty to come. Stay tuned and for people who don’t know us, you might find this weird and rude, but that’s how we are and wait for Ranjit’s article to come. I have already taken my guard. Cheers!

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