Monday, November 9, 2009

Was I focussed enough????????

I was pretty much happy on a personal level with the way things had been unfolding over the past few weeks.When suddently the age old proverb "All good things come to an end came true on me"  after  I met this 15 or something adolscent in the bus on my way to office.

 Usually I have this habbit of getting into conversations with people in the bus just to kill the time and avoid dozing off which usually lands me in big trouble since there have been occassions where I have almost travelled 5 to 10 km backwards to office as I would be busy dreaming when my stop arrived.A glance at the teenager  and I knew "Studies and Career" and no other topic would be ideal  in starting a dialogue with him.The attire he wore seemed to be the uniform of some reputed college coupled with the overloaded bag which seemed more healthier than him.I was already busy preparing the script in my mind . How I would advice him regarding the mistakes which I committed and which he could avoid.I even went to the extent of thinking as to how this conversation would change his life for ever and he would always be indebted to me.

I greeted him with an "Hello" and he responded half heartedly I didn't mind since as a initiator of conversations in most cases I was pretty much at ease with half hearted "Hello's"  After a round of some more interesting questions and equally uninteresting replies I could summarise the gentleman was named "Rahul " by his parents and was in the standard XII busy preparing for the upcoming board exams.One question that generated some enthusiasm in him and even made me happy for a while was "Which profession do you want to be in" .I was doing my home work how I would tackle  answers like  "I don't know" "Abhi decide nahi kya"  "Mere parents decide karenge" "Woh mera best freind hain na !! woh Engineering ko ja raha hain to main bhi most probably udhar hi jaoonga" as these were the only ones I could think of since I thought like this when I was of his age....

 But  to my utter disbelief !!!!! .He came up with a answer that shook me off for a moment even though the bus had to come to a halt for the passengers to alight . He said "Uncle!(I was not wearing my cap)  I am aiming for the IIT and have joined the entrance coaching classes which is after the college hours and I am confident I would make it" I did not give up and tried to get the answer I wanted from him "But my friend what about your parents won't they have some dreams about their son" and "Come on ! How can your forget your best friend"

He answered with a smile as if he was aware of my trap  "Uncle! My parents totally abide by my decision and as for friends with my nature I can make best friends anywhere"  That was the final nail in the coffin  I suddenly realised that it's not easy to converse with a person who is smarter than you and is even more stressful if he is half your age.I was now finding ways to end the conversation but as luck would have it he was busy preparing to alight at the next  stop and I hastily conveyed my best regards to him.Forget giving advice all thanx to this gentleman my rest of the day was screwed as all I could do was think
"Was I focussed enough????????"



  1. lol, gud one brother !!!
    keep it up and dont forget 2 wear ur cap [;)]

  2. Great one dude!!!.....Accept it bro generation gap......But we enjoyed a lot those tension free school/College days

  3. withdrawal symptoms :) I just felt that my posts are not appreciated :) kidding...nice one..u rock !

  4. Ranjit, they say, wise men don't require advice while fools don't take it. I hope that the kid is not from the latter category otherwise which 12th standard kid doesn't believe that he is on his way to IIT and going to end up as a rocket scientist in NASA?! Anyhow, I am totally with you on your "free advice offering to youngsters" policy since we both agree that a good advice is no good for us, but is always good to be passed on!

  5. He bro your advice are always accepted by me .. no worries you just... give it to me .. Bcoz ma incoming is always free ... So you r wellcome...

    But nice one even i also try to do like this ...

    Njoy :)

    The Way you Want ...

  6. Actually its your helpful nature that forced you to .......ask .....but also it shows how true heart you have ...........keep it up


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