Monday, November 16, 2009

How to face an interview.............................

If you happen to have completed graduation without an appreciable track record and have taxed your brains to the hilt to qualify for higher studies but yet "Failed".You have no other way out but to succcumb to Social Pressure and hunt for a "Job" at an early stage.......

        That is exactly what happend to me though I managed to sneak in around 6 months of prefect bliss doing nothing as my parents gave in to my confidence of clearing an upcoming entrance exam.Those six months were spent in utter confusion since I could not figure out how to study for an Entrance Exam as there was neither a Defined start nor a Predictable end.My confusions showed in the results and I failed big time.

       I was a part of the Social Pressure now.Though may failure to crack the Exams was supposed to be the best kept secret on earth confined to the four corners of my house.The paparazzis did their job and the news leaked out.I was not very popular in my locality and  was considered to be studious.Not their fault since they were always used to seeing me  carrying journals and big books on my way to college.

Give in to Human Psychology failures attract people like bees to honey. I was suddenly everyones eye candy and saw a sudden surge of unexpected visitors enquiring about me.I guess when someone who is considered an intellectual fails the excitement is doubled.At times I felt like a Terminally ill patient who is being visited with loads of fruits....

Things got worse and one fine day my mother downrightly declared

"I am fed up of making tea for these visitors and then discussing your failures over it"

After a lot of "APPLY APPLY NO REPLY" scenario the ball finally landed in my court and I was called for an interview by a reputed MNC.In a split of a second the gloomy atmosphere turned into a Festival one.This time for a change my interview call was made public just to keep the visitors at bay and it worked.I was suddently left alone......

The buzz and excitment surrounding the interview call was such that I totally ignored the Presentation and Technical skills required to face it.I was just banking on some university viva sessions which I thought I faced confidently and imagined this would be a cake walk for me as well.

    All my calculations however went haywire and I couldn't even make it past the first round.I learned the facts the hard way.The situation was back to one at home with the visitor count gradually increasing but this time I was conspicious by my absence as I was busy hunting for books "How to face an interview"



  1. so called "well wishers" make their appearance usually in times like this...ignore them n move forward..

  2. hahhaha..i laughed so loudly after reading yr comment on brat my colleague asked what happnd? thanks ya..hey..plz incorporte this blog in yours so that v can reach u easily..:)

  3. From what I have learned from experience of many of my friends, each 'NO' in a line up of interviews means one step closer to a big effing 'YES' :) For me, I have not faced a No ever :( I am glad about it though :D BTW, Malla, tu abhi bhi item ka item hi hai, apparently :-D


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