Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tribute to God!

After a long long hiatus what inspires me to write? Well, I have seen god today. For all those, who have already drawn conclusions of me going crazy, hold on. Ok, let me scale down his status a bit and may be then you would agree as well. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, The ultimate GOD of cricket. What a man, what a genius, A true legend. Rarely would you find a person so grounded inspite of the fact that he is among the most powerful people in India. His words would weigh more than perhaps even the prime-minister. His deeds on the cricket field can overshadow even the best of breaking news. I won’t be surprised if his picture is being flashed on the front pages of most of the leading newspaper tomorrow leaving the temperamental Mamta Banerjee's railway budget to the inferior second pages. Such is Sachin's Aura.

This man has scaled the tallest of the mountains and yet is hungry for more. His 200 in a one day must have put the technology to test for sure. Some succeeded, others failed miserably.  The official simply crashed. Popular social networking site Twitter threw thousand of Sachin tweets at one go. Some of the classics I captured are

"24 Feb need to be celebrated as "TENDULKARS DAY" when all aspiring and struggling cricketers would observe a FAST......."
"I finally know what god really looks like!! He is about 5"5, maharashtrian and plays cricket!! Tendulkar bapa morya"
" Lemme repeat: 'I Will See God When I Die But Till Then I Will See Sachin'"
"anandmahindra:On my way to ndtv Indian of the year awards.But wonder if any other indian matters tonight after sachin's double ton..."
"HISTORY has been created by d Master . In future people will always remember where they were when SACHIN scored 200* runs. Atyanth abhimaan."
"Missed it? You're madowat???? Anwar's 194 doesn't count for me - he had a runner. *THIS* is how you score a double century!!!"
"Those lucky fckrs in the stadium can say it for the rest of their lives, "I was there"... I wish i was.."
"kjohar25:His name is TENDULKAR and he is a LEGEND!!!"
"priyankachopra:Oh my god!Just read about sachins double century!Mannn!I slept thru it!! :( feel so proud to be born at a time when I can witness greatness!
 Sachin everywhere !

and finally this one, I enjoyed the most. Poor Shree
"I know Sachin is God but I have to remind you that Sreesanth has a chance today to be the first person to get 200 while bowling"

For sure I will always remember what I was doing when Sachin was raining boundaries. I was trying hard to work, and I was not the only one doing that. There were dozen others besides me flipping between work, chats and cricinfo. The flip became so violent when Sachin was nearing 200, that it was almost good to say, most of them weren’t working. Never before had anyone cursed Dhoni for hitting fours and sixes. But today was different. .He was denying Sachin is well deserved strike. It enraged almost everyone and I am sure his effigy could have burnt had he not allowed Sachin his due. Not everyday you witness history. It was special today. Very special. This person evokes hopes everytime he walks to bat. What a man. And look what he did to me today. Woke me up from the deep slumber and do what I like doing. Write. Writing praises on a supposedly funny blog surely must have had an impact on me. Hats Off to the man. Truly blessed to be born in the Sachin era. God please accept my bow !


  1. What a post!! My dear friend needs to write a book at the earliset

  2. A tribute to the GOD!
    Great post and you should write a novel..

  3. i love the tendulkar day idea..:)


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