Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who pays the bill ???

After a forceful hiatus from blogging which can be safely blamed on the daily hassles of life reaching an equivalence point.I am back to what I love doing the most.No better way to unwind than switching into the nostalgic gear.I vividly remember we had a rocking group in school.The camaraderie was seen to be believed.We as a group were more famous rather than being known individually.Of-course the reasons for which we shared the limelight are debatable.

I don't remember how the group was formed but going by its members one thing was for certain "POCKET MONEY" which is the only socially accepted source of income for a student. was an issue with all of us. At any given point of time each individual had at-least two guys depending on him monetarily.Though there would be resentment nobody expressed it.

All would go well until someone would come out with an idea of having a Party which by default meant to be "SAMOSAS" at the nearest sweet mart with loads of chutney (Red colored water) for company.At times we would forget the samosas momentarily and would be busy drinking the chutney.Depending on the frequencies of parties we had which could be very well compared with the appearance of a comet on earth.The samosas would dissappear in quick time and chatnis would make another round or two until until one of us would point out that shopkeeper was showing gestures to his waiters to stop the supply.

Before our taste buds could get over the shock of samosas from the typical "Ghar ka Khaana" our brains would be busy creating hormones and make us think "Who pays the bill now" The thoughts would reflect on the body language and nobody would dare to make eye contact with each other.Most of them would either gaze over the empty plates or rather be faking some serious discussion..Finally after each one would complete his share of antics we would all collectively look to the member who was relatively well off with the "Pocket Money" but he would mutter angrily "Pichle bar maine diya tha" We would then get back to the basics with each one asking the million dollar question "Tere pas kitna hain" After some anxious moments during which the sweetmart owner would be busy repeating his morning prayers for the second time our contributions would finally match the bill amount.Some of the guys would still put up a brave smile and say ""Agli baar doonga" though everybody knew believing it was like digging your own grave.............



  1. malla....this is really a gud one(rest blogs included in "gud one")nice journey down memory lane..
    Keep rocking.....

  2. Hello frd I hve gone through all ur blogs,2 gud ha, n i like d most is How 2 propose a girl....
    A very true n elaborate explanation I really laughed at it...:-)
    Nwaz it really hve taken me back to d sweeeeetest memories of my life.
    Thx buddy.
    Shraddha Kale.

  3. Thnx Shraddha. Glad we have a ardent follower in u...we are not so active on the blogging front for some time now..But rest assured, the activity will start soon...cheers!

  4. good post ranjit,though i never faced rejection for additional chutney.This chutney remains my all time favourite


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