Thursday, October 8, 2009

When Things go wrong!

One fine morning I getup and realize that I have a demand draft to be made from the cash, to pay my brothers college fees. Unfortunately the college for some strange reason does not accept cash. Only demand drafts, strictly! I think it is a fair and simple job though the draft has to be made today as it is going to be last day tomorrow. I casually walk at noon to the HDCF bank. I ask for it . I have no clue about the procedure. I am told by the officials to get a cheque,they wont accept cash. I say ok, what if you don't give, there is many others who would service me. I go to ICICC. As usual, nobody pays attention . I still go to the brightly displayed customer service department . The front desk lady smirks and suggests me to get a cheque. I am disappointed now. I start to think, may be this is a standard procedure followed by everyone. I walk back home with the sun shining comfortably at 38 degrees . I decide to get the cheque ready. I cant find my cheque book. I am controlling my emotions now. By this time, my semi smart brain works parallely for alternate solutions. I decide to call up my office buddy to exchange my cash with his cheque, Buddy is obliged. He calls me urgently as he has a meeting to attend. I rush to the office realizing half way, I forgot the identity card. I run back home which is at a walking distance of 20 minutes. I get the identity card this time. I storm my way to reach in time. I barter my cash with his cheque. He gives me Citisank cheque. I rush back to HDCF. By now it is 3 pm. With tired tone and polite manner, I am told "Only HDCF cheque are accepted". I am shattered now. I find my way with a heavy heart to ICICC. The lady gives the same explanation. "Saar, only ICICC cheque we accept, you see". And with a harsh tone requests me to use common sense. I dont handle demand drafts daily. How on earth would I know that they need only respective banks cheques. Not her duty to tell me to tell me the salient points? I refrain from asking .I had no intentions to increase my blood-pressure which by now has shooted nadir and putting heavy load on my fragile heart. I walk away regretfully cursing  faith. I decide to give a final try to Funjab bank. I go there with a lots of patience. Reason- a) I have no hopes from Government affiliated corporates. b) I don't expect exceptions there. I go there with dropped shoulders. I bend and a man in 50's looks suspiciously . I ask him if he can give me a draft. He says of-course why not? I give him the same old cheque as if to tease him. He says, why cheque, only cash. I cant believe this. But whats the point. I don't have cash now. Oh holy heavens. I am told to get cash in 15 minutes as it was close to their business hours.15 minutes flat. I sprint back to office. Buddy in meeting now. Holy geez. I call him out of desperation, He comes out and I explain him the story. He is upset with my strange behavior. But I don't explain further, I take the cash and run harder now. I would have been devastated if the bank was closed. Fortunately, it is still alive. I am told to fill a complex form. I do that. I am told to come in another hour. I had no idea why was I told to run that fast earlier .Pressure tactics perhaps. I am restless. I can't sit one hour in Funjab doing nothing. I walk back to office again with a reminder set . I reach office. Start my work and the alarm buzzes. I crawl to Funjab. Draft not ready yet. Told to stand quietly and not to make fuss. 2 signatures ,3 careful examinations and a grumble over the lengthy college name, I get the draft with a careful pasted tape on the name. Finally I get what I wanted. I nearly missed a breakdown today. I go to work again. Work, work work and head home late night. Give the draft to my bro as if I had won a medal.(You don't just buy a Bournville! You earn it! ) He is amused. I try to explain him the pain I went through. He hears patiently and sympatises. I sleep at night. I cant sleep. I get spasms and muscle pulls as a result of over work. Next day bro comes back from college and says college accept cash now. I faint.


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  1. couldn't stop laughing though I symphatize with you!


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