Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marriages are not made in heaven...........................

Our forefathers downrightly declared "Marriages are made in heaven" cleverly ignoring the tricky part that thay are supposed to be celebrated on earth!!!!

But how can one celebrate when marriages got futher classified into Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage.

Love marriage holds the upper hand  with only getting into love being the most difficult part and the rest just  falls in place.The boy meets the girl.The boy likes the girl first.It remains one sided for a few years until the boy finally gathers some courage to express his love to the girl and later realises the girl was waiting all these years for the him to take the initiative.Then it enters the second round of issues where they realise that their parents don't want to be a part of this love story.But since "Pyaar andha hota hain" parents are ignored and the boy marries the girl.After some time parents slowly start missing their children and finally they all kiss and make up and the Family photo is complete.Life can't get more thrilling than this........

In an "Arranged marriage" things are confusing right from the start.The boy in the first place is not sure whether he loves the girl but what is  more important is that boy's parents have to love the girl's parents and vice versa.Then both families need consent from  their respective eldermost person(90 and above)  in the family who is on the death bed but taking advantage of the situation shows some tantrums initially  but finally gives in.Then they all rush(boy and girl not included) to the so called Horoscope expert who is at home with stars,moons,sun signs etc.After a lot of trial and error the horoscope matches or rather is matched up and all heave a sign of relief.Poor Boy and Girl before they realise are already Married.Life can't get  funnier than this



  1. There are further sub categories to Love marriages...inter-caste,inter-subcaste,inter -human.....etc ..etc..U can get a very realistic view in Chetan Bhagat's new book TwoCities...a Punju & Madrasi & hell lot of tussle between their clan in terms of ideologies divided by culutre & geography.

  2. Isnt it called 2-states? I wonder if Chetan wrote another one in such a quick time :)


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