Friday, March 5, 2010

When I was a Teenager........................

Let me start formally by a big "Hello" to all.Formality sounds better when you are seriously trying to repair a relation or when there has been an absolute lack of communication for a considerable amount of time.The latter holds true in our case.What stopped me from blogging is predictable but what brought me into it again can be attributed to the exceptional motivational skills of my dear friend "Vishal".I don't remember being praised so vigorously in my whole life than in the last 10 days or so wherein things finally reached a stage where it altogether defined a new level of stress.I decided to play it safe and start "Blogging" again.

I was planning to scribble my opinion about the latest Budget.A few minutes into writing the post I realized it was not my cup of tea.Shifting back to the "Nostalgic" mode didn't disappoint as ever and revived the adrenaline levels.Music acts as a catalyst to sustain the adrenaline levels and "Those were the best days of my life" by Bryan Adams forced me to think what mine were.In the fraction of a second I concluded it was "When I was a Teenager"

Teenage comes with wild sway of hormones which in turn decides the other course of events.Mine was no different either where my heart ruled the brains.Thinking logical was simply out of question.

I was obsessed with the "looks" factor to the extent that the magic potion to fairness "Fair and Lovely" which according to the manufacturers overruled all genetic abnormalities had become an extended family.I could skip dinner but could not miss applying it overnight.If I happened to miss I would make up for it the next day applying three to four times until I was confident.I was an obese all through out my childhood which can be blamed on my Rice eating skills.Rice is something which all "mallus" consider to be divine and if that is to be believed I had definitely attained nirvana as I was eating Rice three times a day.I earned many nicknames for it "Bhatalya" being the one which stood with me for a considerable time.

Come teenage and I definitely wanted to get rid of this unwanted fat.I stopped Rice altogether though the initial Rice abuse was such that the after effects were difficult to get rid off easily.The pot belly was the worrying factor.I used to be busy pulling my stomach inside especially during my interaction with females which were very few and I wanted to make the maximum impact.

Falling in love was a daily ritual and very ably supported my dear friends who would never fail to say "Tereko dekh rahi hain saale" when I had my own doubts.I felt like a living example of the word "Infatuation"

Exhibition of popular-ism is other area which stood out prominently during my teenage years.I felt that I need to be able to waive my hand and say "Hello" to the maximum people around and expected the same from them.It was definitely a big high when somebody would point out  "Yaar!! Tu to bahut popular hain"

Remembering all this makes me wanna grow up once again..............


  1. atleast u grew out of the "teenage tantrums"..some people never do..:)

  2. now that u r working out, dont worry abt world enjoy life

  3. Back with a bang!!

    I guess you messed up your teenage with was unfair and not lovely of you to apply F&L when being dark was a "in-thing" and girls were falling for that..


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