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How to propose a girl - The township way!

I spent my childhood in a superb sleepy place called Ozar Township which is about 19 kms from the holy city of Nasik. Township is a habitat for the employees of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). It has the company of a small and petite village called Ozar-goan which mainly belongs to the business class and farmers. The school in which we studied (Ranjit included, yes Ranjit is educated!) had majority of its population belonging to these twin brothers. The diverse culture between the small towns provided a perfect platform for students to understand the difficult geographic and political topic of "Unity in Diversity”. I never had to mug that fortunately, as that was the only one I understood perfectly.Unity in diversity meant, studying together, playing together, hitting together and yes proposing the girl together too.

The picture to propose the girl may look rosy looking at the camaraderie of the school friends. But trust me, it was not. It was as difficult as getting a hefty pay raise during a recession year. There were tons of millions of factors to be considered before which you could think of proposing a girl - even in your dreams. As you would expect there were typical, boy loves girl (one sided) stories. And then there was also usual, hypothetical "starvation of good looking females" crib. On an average there were two good looking girls per class. Our batch had seven divisions and each division would have 50 students approx with a girl to boy ration of 40:60. Any one could imagine why those scant extinct species of beautiful girls had to suffer. 28 adolescent, hormone avalanche-ing boys, per division, had their crushes, dreams and what not on a these rare beauty personified girls. When the competition was so neck throat and stiff, only a few gutsy ones would get a chance to propose his sweetheart. Others would mull over the lull. The majority of guys would fall under the 'other' (Ranjit included) category. To soothe themselves they would form a group (of failures) and would together blame the gutsy fellows, each one though secretly admiring the gustiness.

Who got to propose the girl largely depended on his status in the school. Some of the parameters to qualify for these were smartness, popularity, marks, father’s status in the office, ability to speak confidently, to name a few. But amongst all, Vat-ing or Backing (support from seniors and external crowd) had the most weightage. Gosh even if you had all the things in your favor, without the support factor, you had no chance to stand. So, the seeds of lobbying were sown in childhood itself. It was not surprising that there were many groups and subgroups. But mainly there were two rival groups and the subgroup support would go to the one who agreed to their ideology.

Now the smartest boy from Group A would throw his weight around declare that he has fallen for the beautiful classmate. Other members in the group would half heartedly (as they are also equally passionate about her) nod their heads. Their true emotions would never be shown on the face. When this eligible boy is trying to impress the girl by doing all sort of crazy things, Group B members (the opposition party) are secretly planning to bash him up. They would sometimes contact the girl offline and bitch her about him. D-day would arrive. Eligible bachelor, after all his gimmicks would plan to propose her. Group B members would not let this happen. They would suddenly turn themselves in to her brothers. Brother! yeah.They had their I-Cards printed with these words. Eligible bachelor would now be nervous. He would try to contact his group members. It would be too late sometimes. Group B member had already pounced on him and hit him all over. Girl would be confused, but also proud now. She had gained all the TRP's now and would walk with lots of confidence. Twist in story. Brother's friend also has a crush on the same girl. He proposes. Girls about to have a nervous break down.
Though the story appears hyperbolic, I had been witness to worse scenarios. I remember once, the two rival groups were bashing up each other and the girl was completely unaware as to why was this happening. Even worse was a scene where the brothers asked the hero to bend on his knees and ask the heroine to forgive her. If anyone succeeded in proposing the girl, it meant she has said 'YES' to his strange question. "Aye Friendship deti hai kya tu?" I often laugh alone remembering that punchy line. The question it seems is now changed. It is more forthcoming and updated now. It reads "Aye Loveship deti hai kya tu?"  Jeez, what a way to propose. Well,this can happen only in Township. No where else!


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  2. He really a good one .. how to propose a girl ... like the fundaa of proposing .... and makes me happy by reading the words "Aye Friendship deti hai kya tu?" "Aye Loveship deti hai kya tu?" this are the two types of sentence which make me realise ma school days ...

    Keep updating ... some good moments
    thanks buddy :)


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